Leopard Nelson MUG Mac User Group 13 December 2007

I want to know about spaces.

FUNCT F8 bring up the spaces . The idea is that you may have a variety of projects on the go you may want to use diff apps in each space.

Drag an application between the spaces.

Double click from cover flow to open them. Space or the little eye to open for a look. To change the order of files change them in the last view first.

On the left hand side look for the search- an easy way to access Spotlight.

Time Machine- buy an external hard drive. The arrows on the right hand side take it back to the last change in the folder. Then click restore to bring it back to the front. It will warn you when it's getting full. You may like to tell Time Machine not to back up certain folders like movies and the like that will suck the memory.

New Safari 3 - you can slide the tabs to move them. DOWNLOAD SAFARI 3. To open a new whole window- get a tab just drag the tab onto the web space. If you click on the wee scissors it opens that web page in dashboard and it keeps on updating next time you open dashboard.

MAIL- Create a new mail account add in your gmail and it brings in your gmail mail into Mail. It has stationery like Outlook Express. You can add photos from iPhoto into the templates. It will resize the photo. To add a photo just drag from the iPhoto. Look at the bottom right hand corner for the size of the mail to send.

Look at parental controls in system preferences. You can oversee these from other computers as well.

Look in Utliities folder for the migration assistant.

From the view- show path view- shows your path to how you got it there. Handy to know where things are.

System Prefs- screen sharing- switch. Others can log in to you machine. You can control the other people's computer. Ned admin username and password. You can do it through iChat as well.

ASK- how do I activate the mouse in Parallels. And what it the right mouse command in parallels.

CONTROL CLICK to right mouse in Windows.

Look to Vodafone for a use for internet on the go.

changed December 14, 2007