Sheryl Rogers and Jocelyn MacKay.

Work in progress- working on a RED computer as I type.

Suspected breakin.

How ro gather fingerprint analysis once scenario set.

USB microscope to look closely at a fingerprint.

You can get the microscope- turn photobooth into the camera via the settings. $160 + GST for the microphone.

Using Pages to draw a line- go shapes, bottom option- click, click, click like photoshop.

Double click- INSPECTOR- change the fill and line colour- graphic inspector in the middle.

To take a fingerprint- ink a sticky post-it type thingee face up- and then stick it into the acetate so the fingerprint is sealed. Photograph it on macro.

Now compare the suspects with the the print you took with the microscope, or whatever. Look at the pages file that we got from Jocelyn and Sheryl.

You can alpha it to remove the background as you do- blue screen.

Now look at iMovie- time lapse- frame rate in iMovie- Look at time laspse calculator in the file. Very, very cool.

New Project- swith to camera view- use built in iSite camera.

The little camera thing bottom right- time lapse option will pop-up. Use the calculation form the EXCEL spreadsheet - time lapse .xl

Another spreadsheet tells you the ratio of foot length to body height. Look at footheight.xml

Question matrix?

In Powerpoint- Insert pictures

Apollo Parkways Primary School

Universal Access- allow zoom- just to remind myself,

Command and two finger scroll

Look at above school for cases- very cool

changed February 21, 2008