Chrissy is taking a photo of Ewan taking a photo of Derek. Great speech Nick- you deliver it really well. Are you blogging this? video seen it! Steve Mahary is talking, talking, talking,talking. And finished.

Now Ewan

What is public?

What is privacy?

More secret spaces- is a text secret- no when forward

Group spaces

Publish spaces

Performance spaces

Participation spaces

Watching spaces

Thin Slicing Technology- Sample tasting

Doesn't subscribe to digital native premise- Yay Me too.

Leading Edge

  1. Audience- We want an audience- who reads a classroom display- 11,000 hits on our blog

  2. Creativity Unleashed

  3. Differentiate- raising the bar. Blogger's aren't weird!!

  4. Authentic Learning- Levelling Up- hundreds of levels graduated smaller scale cheats- collaboration, encourages improvement, validation of ideas employed. Social interaction improves attainment.

  5. It's not about the tech- it's about the teach-

Challenges- media literacy- Believe- when to teach and when to stand back and let it happen

Death by risk aversion- take the plunge- trust each other

Spreading the culture- turn the kids into trainers- recruit ideas of others

Make it sustainable- gather effective contributers- the world is huge- embrace the differences between people- celebrate ambiguity

changed October 3, 2007